5 Foreplay Ideas to Drive Your Partner Crazy with Tonight

5 Foreplay Ideas to Drive Your Partner Crazy with Tonight

Have you ever wanted to drive your partner completely crazy in bed?  Sometimes it’s easy to go straight to the main even but the warm up is just as  important. Science has shown that building up to intercourse can lead to  longer sex and better orgasms, even during solo sex.

For many women foreplay can even be the best part of sex! Let’s talk about 5 ways to drive each other crazy before the main event even begins!  

#1 Use All 5 Senses  

Incorporating as many senses as possible can take things to a whole new level right off the bat. Light a smell-good candle, undress each other in front of a mirror, drizzle some chocolate syrup on your partner’s chest and then lick it  off, play some soft music or tell your partner all the things you want to do to  them. Grab a feather duster for a slight tickle, the list is endless. Get creative!  

#2 Edging  

You’ve probably already engaged in this one and you don’t even know it.  Edging (also called surfing, peaking or teasing) is the practice of stopping  yourself from reaching orgasm right when you’re on the cusp or the *edge*  The concept is easy, get yourself or your partner super close to an orgasm  and then stop for about 30 seconds before beginning again. Trust us on this  one. It will make the orgasm when you finally reach it oh so much more  intense!  

#3 Read Erotica  

Does your partner have a vivid imagination? Then this one might be for you!  Find a hot and heavy novel - they are easy to fine online - and read a couple  chapters out loud to each other while in bed. Try and find a story that talks  about the type of sex that you and your partner enjoy or even a fantasy you  both might want to explore together!  

#4 Mutual Masturbation 

You probably only think about maturation as being a solo activity but its  actually great for foreplay fun too! Touching yourself in front of your partner  is extremely intimate and may make you feel even more vulnerable than  intercourse but it can be incredibly hot too. Plus, you get to show your partner  exactly what you like and where you like to be touched. Hot and informative!  That’s a win win.  

#5 Sexting  

We’ve all heard about sexting and it may have a bad reputation but it really  can be beneficial to kick things off way ahead of time. While your partner is  at work send them texts describing *exactly* what you want to do to them  when they get home. The anticipation will drive them crazy! This trick  especially works if you are sitting across from them in a crowded room!  

Give these 5 foreplay ideas a try next time you want to drive your partner  crazy in bed. Trust us - it will be worth the wait!

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