6 Oral Sex Positions to Increase Pleasure and Intimacy

Whether you use it as foreplay or the main event, oral sex can feel amazing. But, if you're in a long-term partnership or have a go-to position, it may get a bit boring or mundane. So, we've rounded up six position to increase both pleasure and intimacy!

Sixty-Nine (69)

Okay, this is not a revolutionary position, but it's a classic for a reason. Since both partners perform oral sex on each other, it can be super fun and intimate. The traditional position is one partner on their back with the other lies on top but there is another way to perform this classic: on your side. Since it can sometimes feel like work for the partner on top, if you're both lying on your side, you can enjoy the position more while not having to hold yourself above your partner.

Edge of the Bed

In this move, one partner is standing up while the other is lying down, which can create a fun power dynamic. To try this one, have one partner lie on the edge of the bed (or other stable surface) with their head positioned at the edge of the bed and face towards the ceiling. The other partner will stand over their mouth so they can perform oral sex on them.


For the position, the receiving partner will sit on the edge of the bed (or sink or countertop) - ideally on top of pillows or something to cushion the surface - while the giver puts pillows down on the floor to pad their knees. The giver will wrap their hands around the receivers hips to give oral pleasure!

Standing Oral

For this one, one partner will stand (against a wall or counter, maybe) while the other partner is on their knees in front or them. If the receiver is a vulva owner, they can stand with one leg on their partners shoulders. This is a great position to increase intimacy as the vantage point creates a sense of empowerment.


This position is quite literally how it sounds - with one partner "sitting" on the others face. But not actually literally, because the non-sitting partner needs air - so it's more of a light grinding or bouncing. It can create intensity and a power exchange for partner. Just be sure to talk with your partner before trying this oral sex position to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Doggy Style

Not just for intercourse, doggy style can be a great oral sex position to increase pleasure and intimacy. In this position, one partner is on their hands and knee while the other performs oral sex from behind. To try out this position, start with gentle touching or massaging of the area with fingers or mouths.

Do you have a favorite oral sex position? Let us know!

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