Enjoy Clitoral Stimulation? Try These Sex Positions

You know we're a huge fan of G-spot and vaginal orgasms, but we sure do love our clitoral orgasms, too! And while clitoral orgasms are often associated with masturbation or oral sex, there are several sex positions that are perfect for achieving that clitoral orgasms.

According to sex educator Lisa Finn, 80% of people need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm - but many don't focus on the clit during sex. Many people hope to have a G-spot orgasm but it can be hard for some - and that's why adding clitoral stimulation can help do the trick! And, since it's easier to have a clitoral orgasm, the best sex positions actually focus on external stimulation.

Here are seven of the best sex positions for clitoral stimulation!


We know, we know, missionary is the ultimate "basic" sex position. But don't write it off just yet - it's a tried and true position that can help you connect with your partner while getting clitoral stimulation. To do this, have the person on the bottom grind their pelvis against their partner to make it feel even better.

The Butt Lift

Like missionary, but better! While on your back, put your ankles on your partner's shoulders while they are kneeling. That'll lift your butt in the air where your partner can grab your butt or your legs. This position leaves plenty of opportunity for you or your partner to stimulate your clit or use a sex toy.


Another classic position, cowgirl allows for clitoral stimulation without having to use a toy or hands. For this position, kneel and straddle your partner while facing them. To make it even better, use a lubricant as it'll help with grinding your pelvis against your partners for clit stimulation. Also, try leaning back & hold onto your partner's legs, or lean forward and hold on to their shoulders. Depending on how far back or forward you lean, you'll hit different spots to reach that clitoral orgasm.

Parting the Sea

A variation of reverse cowgirl, this a great position for clitoral stimulation! For this position, place a pillow under your partner's lower back and have them bend one knee so their foot is flat on the bed. Climb on top & straddle them in reverse cowgirl while placing one of your legs in between theirs and the other on the outside of their bent leg. When you're comfortable, slide your partner inside you & ride them while rubbing your clit against their thigh.

Doggy Style

Ah, another classic. While this position is great for G-spot stimulation, it's also perfect for clitoral stimulation because at least one hand is free to stimulate your clit. For this position, get on all fours - either on your hands or forearms - while your partner enters you from behind.

Edge of the Bed

For both deep penetration and clitoral stimulation, this is a must-try! Lie on your back at the edge of the bed (get it, ha!) while your partner stands and enters you from under your legs. As with any penetrative position where you are aiming to stimulate the clit, you want to make sure there is enough room so your partner (or you) can stimulate it directly with a hand or toy - and this position is perfect for that.

The Sideways Straddle

Want to know the number one rule for clit sex? Finding friction. The sideways straddle is one of the best positions for achieving that. Have your partner lie on their back with their knees bent, lower yourself onto them so you are straddling one of their thighs, facing away from them. Grind up against their thigh for the ultimate clitoral stimulation!

Do you have a favorite sex position for clitoral stimulation? Let us know!

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