Top 5 Sex Myths... and The Truth Behind Them

When it comes to a taboo subject such as sex there’s almost always going to be misconceptions floating around. You’ve probably heard them all but have you ever stopped to think if they are actually true or not?

Let’s talk about some popular sex myths and the truth behind them.

Sex Myth #1: Condoms Take Away The Pleasure of Sex

You may have heard that condoms take away some of the feeling during sex, or that stopping to put on a condom kills the mood.

The Truth: All condoms are not created equal. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors and fit is extremely important. If your guy friend buys magnums because he wants the cashier to think he’s packing some heat but he actually need a medium-sized condom it’s going to cause some comfort issues for him. A condom that's too small in width may feel tight around the tip of your penis and has the potential to break. A condom that feels too loose around the tip or base may not work effectively and can slip off. You and your partner may need to try several different brands and sizes before you find the perfect fit but once you do, pleasure won’t be an issue. As for killing the mood, if sexual health is a buzz kill you should probably re-evaluate your choice in a partner.

Sex Myth #2: Bigger Is Always Better

We’ve all heard it and many men take pride in the size of their penis, but no one ever talks about being too big.

The Truth: While a well endowed man may feel amazing to some not all vaginas appreciate The Big D. A vagina is only 3 to 4 inches deep, meaning that an enormous-sized penis could not fit in an averaged-sized vagina. When looking for a partner who’s good in bed, it's most important to consider the sexual chemistry you have with that person. A partner with a less than average sized member that you have amazing chemistry with may give you the best orgasm of your entire life.

Sex Myth #3: Sex Only Counts If There’s Penetration

As a teen you probably heard about “the bases” when referring to sex. Going all the way to “home base” meant there was penetration and that defined if it was considered sex or not.

The Truth: Now that we are all adults we know better. There are so many different ways to enjoy sex with your partner, from oral sex, anal sex, fingering, hand jobs, the list could go on and on and you guessed it. They all count!

Sex Myth #4: Popping The Cherry Only Happens From Sex

Have you ever heard the phrase “popping your cherry?” You probably know it’s slang for losing your virginity but did you know it’s not the only way it can happen.

The Truth: The hymen is a thin membrane that surrounds the opening to the vagina and can be broken in many different ways including masturbation, using tampons, and even rigorous activity like horseback riding, dancing, riding a bike, and other sports. Some women are even born without a hymen. It’s different for everyone and that’s probably why it’s not a good gauge of virginity anymore.

Sex Myth #5: Masturbation is Bad for You

Masturbation is considered a sin in some religions and there are many societal stigmas attached to masturbation: Some people believe women shouldn’t masturbate, or that masturbation is immoral.

The Truth: Masturbation is actually really healthy! Masturbation causes your body to release a number of hormones including Dopamine, Endorphins and Oxytocin, which can positively affect your mood and physical health. Masturbation can help relieve stress and anxiety and can even help you fall asleep at night!

Now that’s you’ve heard the top 5 sex myths and the truth behind them, what are some other myths you have always thought were true?

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