Your Mutual Masturbation Guide

We typically associate masturbation as a solo act but there is a such a thing as "mutual masturbation" - even though that sounds like an oxymoron! Mutual masturbation has a few different meanings, but at its core, mutual masturbation is touching yourself in a pleasurable way while your partner(s) touches themselves in a pleasurable way. However, there is another definition where your partner manually stimulates you while you manually stimulate them.

Both are great and perfect for incorporating something new and exciting into your sex life - and if you're wondering how to make the most out of mutual masturbation - we've got all the best positions for you!

Side by Side

Since most people masturbate on their backs when they're alone anyway, this is a great way to test out mutual masturbation! In this position, both partners lie on their back and touch themselves. To make it more intimate, overlap your limbs, hold hands, or turn your heads to look at each other.

The Facing Spoons

In this intimate position, facing spoons entails you and your partner laying on your sides so you're eye-to-eye and mouth-to-mouth. This allows for some seriously intimate kissing, moaning, or dirty talk while you both pleasure yourself. If both partners are only using one hand each, you can use the other to touch other parts of each others bodies or even incorporate a toy into the mix.

The Makeshift Missionary

Makeshift missionary is great for when you can't or don't want to have penetrative sex for whatever reason. In this position, one partner lays on their back while the other flips over and masturbates on their stomach, either with your legs overlapping or not.

The Chest Chair

Similar to cowgirl (or person on top), the chest chair involves one person sitting on the others stomach or chest. Not only is the pressure of someone sitting on you relaxing (hence why weighted blankets are so popular), it also mimics the sensation of being pinned down. A fun spin on this is handing over control of your hand (#punintended) by placing one hand between your legs and the other by your side. Have your partner plant their knees outside your hands so you can't move. It's a safe way to explore playing with power roles!

The Face-Away

For this mutual masturbation position, have one partner lean against the headboard with their legs spread while the other partner climbs between, leaning back on them. If your partner has a penis, sit a little off-center so they can reach their penis to masturbate.

The Face-Off

This position is for those who love to show off or have an audience. In this position, you'll sit on either side of the bed or sofa facing each while stimulating yourselves. You can use your hands or a clitoral stimulator if you're a vulva-owner.

Skype Sex

The OG of mutual masturbation - Skype sex is great for long-distance couples - or if you're traveling and away from your partner. A great way to build the anticipation is to sext throughout the day to make the Skype "sex" even more steamy.

Have you tried mutual masturbation?

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