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More Pleasure.
Less Noise.

If there is one thing we learned during the pandemic, it's that walls are way thinner than we thought they were...

And indulging in "me time"? Yeah, that was definitely awkward with your roommate or kid next door...

But not with the OhMyG! This super silent G spot massager with a massaging pearl is a quarantine (scratch that, every day) dream.

And you can try it for yourself for just $99.

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Super Silent G-Spot Massager
USB Chargeable

The OhMyG

The OhMyG is a revolutionary patent-pending G-spot massager that brings the pleasure without the noise. Elegantly designed, made of highest quality grade materials and packing an innovative silent drive, the OhMyG will be your new go-to sex toy.

OhMyG - G-Spot Massager - Pink - Side View - Ioba Toys

A quiet sex toy? Sign us up! Our super silent G-spot massager, the OhMyG, features a sleek C-shape design, a massaging pearl that mimics a "come-here" motion of internal pleasure, and three intensity levels.  

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In pink and white, the OhMyG super silent G-spot massager has USB charger, is waterproof, and is 8 inches in length. It is made from high-quality, FDA-grade silicone and has a usage time of up to two hours.

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