Our goal is to empower humans by helping to de-stigmatize both masturbation and the topic of sex in general. Because human empowerment is feeling confident AF in your body - mentally, physically, and emotionally.


First, the way we talk about sex and sex toys needs to change. Instead of being a “taboo” subject that is only talked about in the bedroom, it needs to be discussed in public - whether that’s on social media, with friends and family, or quite literally, in public. It doesn’t have to be something we shy away from talking about and we can do by coming at it from a non-judgmental, open-minded, and educational standpoint.


Humans are still feeling stigmatized for seeking self-pleasure and our mission is to help de-stigmatize it! That’s why we are such advocates talking about the uncomfortable things in an effort to normalize them. It’s also still very much a “patriarchal” world, which makes it all the more difficult to penetrate (no pun intended) the sexual wellness industry.

But we are hopeful that the more it’s talked about, the more normalized it will be. And, we pride ourselves on working with such a diverse group of people to talk about things that aren’t typically talked about. We want to be an innovative sex toy company but also one that helps to change this industry for the better.

Diversity and inclusion are extremely important to us as we believe everyone deserves self-pleasure. From the start we worked with a diverse group of influencers - everyone from sex therapists, body positive models, strippers, and more. Because everyone deserves to feel empowered!