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Tips and Tricks for Stimulating the G-Spot

Posted by Chelsea Tirone on
Tips and Tricks for Stimulating the G-Spot

We know there’s a G-spot - but how exactly do you stimulate this legendary spot? Through sex? Using toys?

Well, let’s find out!

But Before You Begin...

Before you begin to figure out how to stimulate the G-spot (or G-zone), you need to find it. In theory, the lucky spot is easy to reach - it’s located just a couple of inches behind the vaginal entrance on the upper vaginal wall towards the belly.

It is not exactly in the middle, but, if you imagine a clock when looking at the vagina, you can find it at about 1 o'clock.

When touching this area, the G-spot area is more or less clearly separated from the surrounding smooth tissue by a slightly ribbed shape.

The exact position and texture, however, varies from woman to woman. In some cases, it is located a little further forward, in others further back. We are all built differently - so don't get discouraged if you don't find the G-Spot right away - just feel around a little bit and you'll find it!

Insider Tip: You can find the G-spot easier if you are already aroused. Because the tissue is more strongly supplied with blood, the G-spot will swell and the ribbed structure becomes more prominent.

You can find more about the structure of the G-spot here.

Add a Lubricant

Stimulating the G-spot is best done from within, but women are not always wet at this time, making it difficult to insert fingers, a toy or a penis can slide without any issues. In this case, you can save yourself a lot of frustration - and possibly pain - by simply adding a lubricant. That way, the fingers can glide in without resistance and massage the G-spot.

You should then be able to find the G-spot within the first few minutes - but again, everyone is different so don’t be discouraged if you can’t find it right away!

"Help, I Have to Pee!”

For women who are trying G-Spot stimulation for the first time, it can feel unfamiliar at first. Good, but unfamiliar. Often, stimulating the G-spot mimics the sensation of having to pee - which is only logical, because the G-spot or the urethral swelling tissue is closely connected to the urethra. This means that stimulating the G-spot can put pressure on the bladder, which in turn causes that, “I have to pee!” feeling.

Don’t freak out if that happens but if the urge becomes too strong or feels uncomfortable, take a break and then continue the fun at a later time.

While it’s important to relax mentally, don’t ignore any uncomfortable physical sensations. We tend to tense up when we feel uncomfortable, so try to relax your abdominal muscles as much as possible - especially at first. The G-spot massage should then feel even better and you won’t have the urge to pee anymore!

Fingers, Toys, Sex Positions - Oh My! This is How you Stimulate the G-spot

G-spot stimulation should begin with the fingers. With your fingers, you are able to explore the area more so than with a sex toy or during sex. With fingers, you can find where exactly the G-spot is, how it feels, which positions feel good and how it changes during increased arousal.

It’s important to note that stimulation for women differs from day to day. Depending on your current mood, what you love today you may hate tomorrow! Therefore, it’s important to approach finding your G-spot carefully at first and not rush into it.

As a reminder, before you begin working on the G-Spot more intensely, you should be aroused or have lube handy. Don’t simply enter the vagina out of the blue and try to feel around for the G-spot because it won't work! Especially since the G-spot only becomes clearly visible when you are aroused.

When aroused - and with the help of some lubricant - insert one finger into your vagina such as the index or ring finger. To reach the G-spot, you’ll have to turn your palm upwards and slightly bend the inserted finger.

In this position, you should be able to feel the ribbed surface of the G-spot on the upper side. Once you have found it, gently warm it up by lightly stroking the entire G-zone with your fingertip. You’ll begin to notice the area swelling - even with a light touch.

Take your time with this first phase of exploration - the more the area is warmed up, the more pleasurable it will feel later.

Gradually, you can go from stroking to circling. Start by drawing smaller and larger circles over the G-spot and keep changing the pressure. Try varying the circles by drawing small ones while paying attention to the G-spot

Another technique, called “ringing”, is when you apply more pressure on the G-spot. Depending on how comfortable it feels, apply more pressure for about 10 seconds and then let go, then apply pressure again and so on. It's similar to ringing someone out of bed in the middle of the night stubbornly until they finally wake up. After ringing the bell a few times, the female prostate should also be awake.

Sprinkle-Krame Maneuvers

Anni Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer are known for making erotic bodywork and erotic intimate massage popular. Among other things, they developed the so-called “Sprinkle-Kramer maneuver”.

In this maneuver, the right-hand thumb is inserted into the vagina and the G-spot is massaged while the left-hand fingers stroke the clitoris at the same time. Here, you can play around with by alternating or simultaneous stimulation but it is an insanely pleasurable feeling and often leads to an orgasm.

If this feels good, you can insert more than just one finger. The middle and ring fingers seem to work best. But, try out a different combination of fingers and pressure until you find what works for you!

Come-Here Movement

This is the maneuver that no G-Spot guide should be without the “Come-Here” movement. In this maneuver, the middle and ring fingers - or the pointer and middle finger - are inserted into the vagina and slightly bent. The position looks as if you are asking someone to “come here” with your fingers - hence the term "come-here movement". This is the movement that will cover the entire G-zone.

With the “come-here” movement, you can also vary the intensity. Try adding more pressure then releasing that pressure and change the position of your fingers until it feels right!

The Sandwich Technique

The come-hither technique can also be combined with other techniques, one of which is the “sandwich” technique. The sandwich technique, for example, is when you apply additional pressure from outside on the G-spot.

To do this, press down the abdominal wall with your other hand just above the pubic bone. You can do this with your fingertips, or even better with the ball of your hand, to stimulate the G-spot even more intensively.

Slowly feel your way and apply only light pressure at first. Some women don’t do well with too much pressure while others can’t get enough.

The Up and Down Technique

In combination with the come-hither movement or even with "stiff" fingers (i.e. not bent fingers), you can also move the whole hand up and down. In this position, the hand and arm move up and down or in a semicircular movement.


Another intense hand technique is when you insert the middle and ring finger and also cover the entire vulva with the palm of your hand. Move your hand upwards with slightly curved fingers so that the G-spot is massaged, then simultaneously apply pressure to the clitoris and the area around it with the ball of your hand. Start to slide your hand in and out and repeat. Since many different points are stimulated, it creates an intense feeling and could become your new favorite!

Attention: For this technique to work best, we recommend using lubricant oil or massage oil if you are not wet enough.

Finger Positions for the G-Spot Massage

In the classic G-spot massage, the woman lies on her back. But, if you want to stimulate the G-spot more intensely, there are other positions you can try.

Position One: On the Edge of the Bed

In this position, you lay on the edge of the bed with your legs spread and stretched or angled upwards. Your partner then stands on your side and inserts their fingers into your vagina. They can apply much more force while standing, for example, to bring you to orgasm with the up and down movement.

Position Two: Standing Up

Sure sex while standing us is great, but did you know you can stimulate the G-spot with your hands while standing up? Try it and let us know what you think.

Position Three: On Your Knees

A fan favorite, in this position, you kneel upright while your partner kneels in front of you. Not only does this position offer closeness and intimacy, since you are both snuggled up to each other, it’s also the perfect position to hit the G-spot.

In this position, you can take the leading role. For example, your partner can kneel and keep their hand still with curved fingers, you can move your pelvis back and forth or up and down. That way, you can determine the intensity.

In this position, we recommend doing this on a mattress or the couch so you don’t hurt your knees.

G-spot Stimulation with a Sextoy

To add a new level of fun, you can use the G-spot vibrator. These G-spot stimulators have a special C-shape shape so that they hit exactly the right spot with the right pressure.


These special toys for the G-Spot are available in all kinds of materials - silicone, glass, wood or metal - and are bent towards the tip so that they can precisely massage the G-spot. But, not every shape and size works for every woman. Try and few and see what works best for you!

In order to exert a lot of pressure, we advise using a slightly harder toy - like the OhMyG - so you can effectively massage the G-spot with little effort.

Don’t forget the lubricant! Toys are much more fun with lubricant.

G-spot Vibrator

Besides dildos, there are other vibrating G-spot stimulators. With these, not only is pressure applied, the vibrations stimulate the G-spot. For the perfect stimulation, we recommend deeper and coarser vibrations.

Extra tip: Warm up the toy and lubricant a little before use - there is nothing worse than a cold piece of rubber between your legs!

The OhMyG is a super silent G-spot sex toy that is made to target your G-spot each and every time. With a pearl at the top and C-shape design, the OhMyG is the ultimate G-spot vibrator.

The Best G-Spot Sex Positions

Not only are fingers and sex toys great for stimulation, the penis also works well! But, how well the G-spot is stimulated during sex depends on the position. Here are four positions that help stimulate the G-spot:

Girl on Top

Arguably one of the best sex positions for stimulating the G-spot is girl-on-top! For optimal stimulation, don’t move your pelvis up and down, but rather back and forth. As a woman, you have complete control over the angle, intensity, depth and rhythm.

For the best angle, lean back a bit and the penis is guaranteed to hit the G-spot. It is also helpful if the man supports himself, so you don't slide back and forth and lose the momentum in the movement. Just try not to move too far back or forward or you risk the penis slipping out!

Rocking Horse or Rocking Chair

In this position, known as the rocking horse or rocking chair, your partner sits at the edge of the bed or on a chair. You then sit on their lap and wrap your legs around him. He can either perform short but intense thrusts or you can move her pelvis back and forth like in Girl on Top. Try leaning back a bit or turning to face around to vary the angle.

For those who are flexible, you can lean back until your hands touch the ground!

Missionary Position

In missionary, in order for the penis to hit exactly the right area, you have to vary the positioning a bit. Try adding a few cushions under your pelvis to achieve the right angel. Then, have your partner kneel upright between your legs to penetrate deeper. Depending on your own needs, you can lean slightly backward to make the angle even steeper.Spread your legs further to allow for deeper penetration or keep them closer together for more friction.

Doggystyle and "Pronebone"

In just about every sex position guidebook, doggystyle or "from behind" is known as the perfect G-spot position. However, it’s a bit confusing because when in doggystyle, the penis actually hits the opposite of where the G-spot is. So, if your partner doesn't have a penis that curves downwards, it might not work. Nothing against doggystyle, but for this special purpose it has no special suitability.

"Proneboning", however, is a variation of doggystyle where you lay flat on your stomach with your legs almost closed. Your partner lies on top of you, with their legs outside of yours and penetrates you from behind. Because your partner is laying on top of you, a lot of pressure can be applied to the G-spot and it can feel incredibly intimate and intense.

Whether you prefer to use your finger, a toy, or have sex, finding the G-spot will take some time but through the tips and tricks in this article, you'll have it down in no time!


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