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How the OhMyG works

The G-Spot Wonder

The OhMyG is the first-ever completely silent female G-spot sex toy. The “pearl” at the top of the toy is designed to directly massage your G-spot that will rival even the greatest oral sex. Featuring a smooth exterior and C-shape design, the OhMyG offers a level of G-spot stimulation you just can’t get with another toy.

Find your spot

Unlike other vibrators, the OhMyG features a “pearl” and a C-shape design that allows you to stimulate your G-spot each and every time. To use, insert the toy into your vagina and turn it on by pressing the small button at the bottom. Play around with the position until you find your spot - and enjoy!

Self Pleasure

The OhMyG is completely silent - meaning you can indulge in “me time” whenever you’d like, wherever you’d like. Thanks to the three pulse settings, you can choose the intensity of your orgasm and even you have roommates, kids, or just a nosey neighbor, the OhMyG’s complete silence allows you to achieve an intense orgasm in peace.

How to clean the OhMyG

To keep your toy looking and working its best, clean the OhMyG carefully after each use.
To start, remove the pearl from the toy by gently pulling on it until it is removed.

Once the pearl is removed, place the toy underwater and gently wash with a water-based toy cleaner or a soapy solution.
Rinse under water until the toy cleaner or soapy solution is gone.

Dry with a soft cloth after cleaning.

Once dry, replace the pearl by gently pushing it back into its spot on the toy.
Enjoy! :)