5 Unexpected Ways Your Sex Life Changes When You Move in Together

5 Unexpected Ways Your Sex Life Changes When You Move in Together

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and move in together. You’ve picked out a place, signed the lease, posted an insta worthy picture of course, picked out some new pieces of furniture and unpacked all of your partners weird trinkets you never knew they had. Now what? You have alllll the sex in your new love nest duh, or so you thought. Here are 5 unexpected ways your sex life changes once you move in together.

#1 - You can *FINALLY* have loud sex

One of the best perks of living sans roommates is the fact that you can have loud sex. When you live with roommates you definitely have to pump the brakes, pun intended, on the boisterous romping. You may not even know that your partner likes to express their sexual gratitude vocally. Vocalizing in bed is a great way to indicate that you are enjoying yourself and for many people it’s a complete turn on. When you move in together you will be able to explore a whole new side of your partner that they were most likely keeping to themselves before.

#2- Try to Slow it Down

Before you moved in together you most likely had to have a quickie whenever you could. The 10 minutes while your roommate was down at the laundry mat or the 15 minutes while they were in the shower. When you move in together you will be able to literally slow. it. down. Without being rushed you will be able to explore every inch of your partners body, find exactly how they like to get off, and show them exactly how you like to get off. Going slow will make you both more aroused and the built up anticipation will payoff with more powerful orgasms.

#3 - You *May* Have Sex Less Frequently

Yes, when the fun and excitement wears off and you start seeing your partner in dirty pajamas everyday rather than fancy date night outfits you will probably start to have less sex too. It’s totally normal and there are ways to spice things up again like these 7 oral sex positions that will blow your mind! This brings us to the next way sex changes when you move in with your partner.

#4 - You Stop Scheduling Sex

When you're dating and not living together, you have to plan your time together. You set time aside to do something fun and spend time just the two of you. Sex might not always be the intended outcome but when you plan time to spend as a couple you probably end up doing what comes natural to most couples. You do the dirty! When you move in together you stop scheduling time see to your partner because, well, they are there. You stop setting aside blocks of time to see each other and you simply coexist resulting in less lovemaking. I guess this is why they say not stop dating you partner, huh?

#5 - You Can Be More Spontaneous

Have you ever wanted to just do the deed on top of the dryer or on the coffee table on a total whim? When you move in together you get to ditch the bed-only sex and try new positions all over your place. When it’s just you and your partner you experience a whole new feeling of freedom and it will most likely ignite a new passion and intimacy with your partner! Yes please!

Now that you know 5 unexpected ways your sex life changes when you move in together go unpack something!