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10 Things You Never Knew You Needed to Masturbate

Posted by Chelsea Tirone on
10 Things You Never Knew You Needed to Masturbate

It's officially the last week of National Masturbation Month! We hope everyone #masturbatedinmay and maybe learned a thing or two about masturbation. This week, we're writing about 10 things you didn't know you needed to masturbate.

Just to clarify, you don't *actually* need these things, you can masturbate however the hell you want, but hopefully, a few of these help you break out of a masturbation rut (if you're in one) or simply add some fun to your current masturbation routine.

A Blanket

Might be obvious, might not - but a blanket can help with two things. 1) it can get chilly with no clothes on and 2) if your roommate or kid barges in for something or another you can easily cover-up.

A Masturbation Playlist

You've got a sex playlist, why not make a solo sex playlist? Listening to some tunes while masturbating can definitely get you feeling some type of way.

Personal Lubricant

Another maybe obvious one but you'd be surprised as to how many people don't use lube while masturbating. Three of our favorites are LarkLove, Hallelubeyah, and Woo More Play.

Clothes Pins

Bet ya didn't think we'd put this one on there... But, clothespins can double as nipple clamps if you're feeling kinky. The added (slightly painful) sensation can help heighten your sensitivity to the extreme.

A Sex Toy

You didn't think we'd write an article about things you need for masturbation without having a sex toy on there, did you? If you're usually a fingers-only girl, try adding a sex toy to your masturbation routine. May we suggest the OhMyG?

An Audio Erotica Site

If your go-to is usually visual porn, try switching it up with audio porn. Here are some good ones from Cosmopolitan.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

To listen to the audio erotica site or your fav playlist. Or, to drown out the sound of your roommate watching The Bachelor or your kiddos playing in the other room...

A Pillow

Either to lay on or to hump, the choice is yours. A pillow can also help with switching up masturbation positions. Try placing it under your back to lift your hips a little or using it as a knee-protector for doggy-style.

A Rhythm

Rubbing your clit like you're applying self-tanner before a beach trip is not the way to go. Research says the four motions women love the most on their clit are: up and down, circular, side to side, and pulsating, or rapid pushing.

Here's a little PDF to go along with it too, if you'd like to spread the word:

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