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Denver, Colorado

Our Story

IOBA started in December 2018 when Francesca and her husband Martin decided to tackle a problem that always bothered them with sex toys – the noise. Francesca – energetic, lively and Italian – always thought that there must be a better way to design pleasure devices than the rattling, screeching toys available in the market. Martin –entrepreneurial, intense, driven and German – picked up on the idea and made it his personal challenge to come up with a solution.

A few months later the first prototype of a sex toy entirely designed around minimized noise and optimized G-Spot massage was ready for testing. The feedback from the first test was amazing. Aside from a few tweaks here and there everyone gave the toy raving reviews. The unique combination of silence and a massaging pearl that mimics the natural stimulation during intercourse seemed to be a winning combination.

And we have just started. OhMyG is a super silent G-Spot massager allowing you to focus completely on the most beautiful and intimate pastime in the world. With the launch of OhMyG we already have set our sights to additional products that can benefit from our uniquely silent technology.