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8 Masturbation Positions You *Need* to Try

Posted by Chelsea Tirone on
8 Masturbation Positions You *Need* to Try

Chances are, you've got your masturbation routine down to a science. And that's totally cool! But sometimes things can seem just a little, well, stale. Sarah Sloane, a coach who teaches sex toy classes at Good Vibrations and Pleasure Chest since 2001, says, "Most of us masturbate more-or-less the same way we did the first time we ever masturbated."

And while we're a huge fan of doing what feels good - the way we learned to masturbate may work, but it doesn't always mean it's the best! Experimenting with different positions, strokes, and toys can help us expand our own pleasure-potential.

Plus, our bodies change every year - which means what feels good changes, too!

So, we're here to give you eight new masturbation positions to help you switch up your current routine. And who knows, maybe you'll find a new go-to position!

#1 Back to Basics - AKA on Your Back

If you have masturbated before, chances are you know this position. But just because it's a tried-and-true doesn't mean it isn't amazing. For this position, lie on your back and reach between your legs - then do your thing! This position is great for those looking for vaginal penetration, too. Try incorporating a G-spot sex toy or a clit massager (or both!) in this position.

#2 The Lazy *Solo* Lover

This position is one of the best masturbation positions for targeting the G-spot and is quite simple - just lay back on a stack of pillows! According to Sloane, "Reclining positions are great for G-spot stimulation because you're closer to your bits than you are when you're lying flat on your make, which makes self-penetration way easier."

#3 Flick and Fly

If you are into yoga - you'll love this position! If you're not into yoga, you'll still love this position. The flick and fly is essentially a "sexified lotus position." While seated, you'll press the pads of your feet together so your knees are spread out - butterfly style. Carly S., a body-positive sex educator with The Pleasure Chest says, "This creates tension in your pelvic floor muscles. Because an orgasm is actually just a series of muscle contractions, sitting in this position can actually make the orgasm stronger because you're able to clench down as you come."

Try experimenting with the angle of your knees and distance between the heels and hole for different sensations. This position is a great one for clit stimulation as well as G-spot stimulation. When you feel yourself getting close, keep breathing, and try to keep your feet where they are - your orgasm will probably feel more powerful than normal. #yesplease.

#4 The Mirror Method

We wrote about this before but watching yourself masturbate can be a total game-changer. The goal of this one is to position yourself in a way that is comfortable while still allowing you to see your bits when holding a mirror between your legs. An easy position is leaning against a headboard with your legs sprawled in front of you. Or, try standing up with one leg on a ledge. Try a few different positions to see what works best for you.

The goal of this position isn't just to focus on getting off - each in the mirror while you experiment with different strokes, rhythms, and patterns. If you typically flick your clit, try circling it clockwise, then in counter-clockwise motions. If you normally tap your tip, you can try running your fingers diagonally over it followed by side-to-side.

Watching yourself in the mirror allows you to match your feelings of pleasure with specific strokes and spots on your vulva. Plus, it's a great way to direct partner sessions.

#5 On Your Stomach

As the title states, this one is... on your stomach! Lay on your stomach and hump your hand, pump your hips, or bump against your favorite object. This is a great position for vulva-owners who enjoy grinding against their partner. It's also perfect for people who enjoy a lot of pressure against their clit as you're able to press against the mattress, hand, pillow, or toy.

For first-timers, Sloane recommends humping your hand to start. Place your hand between your legs and experiment grinding into your palm or rubbing against your knuckles or sliding down against your fist. You can either try this over your pants or underwear OR if you go the naked route, make sure to have some lube to avoid friction.

#6 The Deep Dildo Squat

For fans of deep penetration, this position is perfect for you. You'll need a suction cup dildo as well as a gel-like / water-based lube. Depending on the amount of flexibility and leg strength you have, you can attach the dildo to the floor, a plastic chair, or the ledge of a bathtub. Lower yourself onto the toy. In this angle, you really allow your vaginal canal to open up, similar to rider-on-top, and allows you to stimulate your "anterior fornix erogenous zone (A-spot) or your cervix (C-spot)."

#7 The Butt Doggy

Fans of anal sex know it's easier to pull off with someone else there to help with the butt plug, anal beads, or finger/dildo - but reaching your own butt is...not as easy. So, most sex educators agree that when it comes to solo butt play - butt plugs are the winners. Sloane says, "You get to put it in and leave it in, instead of having to finagle something in and out." In fact, try adding a vibrating butt plug.

The best way to insert a butt plug is to either equate it to putting in a tampon (by leaning forward and reaching between your legs) or by reaching around your body. You'll need lube either way because the anus is not self-lubricating. Once it's in, you can try any position that feels good! Try a solo doggy style position so you can reach between your legs and stimulate your clit with the butt plug stimulates your anus.

#8 The Bathtub Method

Raise your hand if your first time masturbating was in the bathtub. Between the steam, lack of clothes, and detachable showerhead, it's the perfect recipe for an orgasm. If you haven't tried this masturbation method in a while, it's time to get back to your roots.

If your bathtub allows, try reclining on the bathtub edge and spreading your legs. If you have a detachable shower-head or something like the WaterSlyde from Lovability, that'll do, too. Just don't forget to test the water before you begin!

Do you have a favorite masturbation position? Any of these that you are going to try? Let us know in the comments!

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