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From A to U - The Many Pleasure Points of Women

Posted by Chelsea Tirone on
From A to U - The Many Pleasure Points of Women

We hate to say it, but if you think the clitoris or G-spot are women’s only pleasure points, you’re sorely mistaken.

In fact, there’s the A-spot, U-spot, K-spot, H-spot or PS-spot…

Before you go crazy, let’s figure out where all these points are and how they are best stimulated.

All About the Pleasure Zones and Points

Let’s remember, female sexuality is a complex and fluid being. For example, one day G-spot stimulation can lead to orgasmic experiences and the next day, it can feel boring. Fortunately, the clitoris and G-spot aren’t the only spots that feel good.

It’s not necessarily a point but rather an entire zone that merges, flows, and interacts with each other. The clitoris, for example, is much more than a tiny lump that peeks out from under the clitoral hood and has nerve cords that extend far into the body.

So, don’t waste too much time looking for one right spot - feel around a bit until you find areas that feel good.

From the A-point to the U-point

While it’s not absolutely necessary to give an individual point a name, it does help with the communication aspect of sex.

After all, it’s much easier to say: "I love it when you play with my A-point" than hand your partner a map and set them loose.

But, so we are clear on what the individual points are, let’s introduce them here. We’ll discuss them alphabetically rather than how pleasurable they are (or aren’t - it depends on the person!)

The A-spot

The A-spot is located relatively far inside, just before the cervix at the top of the vagina. To get technical, the medical term is called the “Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone” or AFE Zone.

In fact, it's more of an area, rather than a single point, that you press down on and can lead to an orgasm.

While the G-spot is quite popular, the A-spot is often left behind. If you’ve searched for - and found - your G-spot, you most likely already felt this spot but mistook it for the G-spot. It could be referred to as the “rear G-spot” because the A-spot can be stimulated in a similar way - i.e. with a come-here movement of the fingers - and can trigger similar feelings of pleasure. For some women, the A-spot is even more sensitive than the G-spot since it’s so far back and a key area for female ejaculation.

How do I Find the A-spot?

To find the AFE zone, try by inserting the middle finger deep into your vagina. You may also want to use some lubricant and keep your fingernails short. Depending on the inner workings of your vagina, you may eventually come across the cervix. The A-spot is located in the area in front of it on the upper side of the vaginal vault.

However, there are no physical features to distinguish the A-spot so you are dependent on the feedback of your partner or yourself. Try applying a little pressure everywhere and as soon as it feels good, you have found the right spot.

The C-point

Fun fact, you probably already know this point because the c-spot is simply the clitoris! In order to keep this article simple, you can find out more information on the clitoris here.

Alternatively, sometimes the perineum - the area between the vagina and the anus or, in men, between the testicles and the anus - is called the C spot.

The G-spot

Like the clitoris or C-spot, we have a few articles on this spot, so we won’t bog you down with information on this article. For everything and more about the G-spot, click here.

If you're in the market for a G-spot massager, you probably want to check out the OhMyG G-spot sex toy. Learn more about it here.

The H-Spot and U-Spot

It’s about to get a bit confusing - the H in H-spot stands for the urethra and the U in U-spot stands for the medical term where urethra was derived. But, both spots aim to stimulate the urethra and the surrounding erectile tissue.

How do you find the U point? Well, between the clitoris and vaginal outlet there is a small opening known as the urethral outlet. This, as well as the erectile tissue around it, can be gently massaged and stimulated with your fingers, a toy or even the tongue. Depending on your sensitivity, this can lead to an orgasm.

A bit more daring in this area is known as urethral stimulation. Urethral stimulation is more than just stimulating the area around the urethra but also inserting something into the urethra. Bear with us - we know it may sound weird but the urethra is surprisingly flexible. However, you should proceed with urethral stimulation to avoid hurting yourself! For example, try a urethral vibrator to help stimulate the surrounding tissue.

The K-point

The K-point is sometimes referred to as the clitoris but it can also mean the two spots to the right and the left of the clitoral hood.

When excited, these two spots are supposed to appear as the size of a grain of rice and can be stimulated with the tongue, for example, known as the "Kivin Method of Cunnilingus". In this method, your partner lies at a 90° angle to you and licks the clitoral hood with their tongue.

This move stimulates the K-points and can lead to intense orgasms.


The last point is the so-called PS-Point, often referred to as the P-Point. PS stands for Perineal Sponge, which is opposite to the G-spot. It is the erectile tissue that is located between the anus and vagina. When excited, this area fills with blood, swells and expands.

There are many nerve endings in this area and stimulation happens with an inverted G-spot massage.

How do you stimulate the PS point?

This point is best stimulated with a partner. Have them insert their thumb slightly bent down - it doesn’t have to be deep, just an inch or two is enough. The PS point can then be massaged with circular or come-here movements. During sex, the reverse riding position - reverse cowgirl - is particularly great for stimulating this area.

As with all other points, different sensations can be triggered here. Some women don't feel anything, while others can have an orgasm almost immediately. So don't despair if the PS point does not immediately lead to the desired "success".

Combining Points

Not every point feels good for every woman. In fact, the clitoris is often known as a “guaranteed” orgasm but this does not make the other points superfluous. For one, you don't always have to have an orgasm to have fun, and, you can intensify an orgasm by combining the individual points.

The classic method is to stimulate the clitoris with fingers, tongue or vibrator, while the other areas are stimulated with the fingers at the same time. The same can be built in during sex, too. For example, the penis stimulates the PS point in the reverse cowgirl position, while you use a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris. Mega orgasm guaranteed!

With this in mind, we wish you a happy journey of intense orgasms.

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